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Sparkling water, crystal blue sky and a 15-knot breeze in your face…

Isn’t it funny (and frustrating) how time seems to fly when you’re relaxing on the water? We know your time on the water should be spent making fun family memories, not worrying about your marine insurance.

We understand the lure of a gently rolling sea because we’re boaters like you (including our own resident fishing expert).

As Independent marine insurance agents, we realize no two marine policies are the same, so whether you captain a ski boat, fishing boat or hobby craft, Sipowski Insurance has the right protection for you, at a very competitive rate.

  • One call brings you 33 years of industry experience and customized quotes for your specific needs
  • Easy, quick and effortless application processing right in our accommodating, upscale office here in Boca Raton
  • One stop convenience for your home, auto and RV insurance as well, all backed by A+ companies available exclusively through our independent network.

As a market leader in the south Florida marine insurance industry, Sipowski Independent Insurance offers broad marine protection at competitive rates for virtually any type of vessel. Why not get a quote right now and let us prove it?

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