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We know you’re a safe driver. It’s everyone else we’re worried about.

Most people buy auto insurance on price and convenience, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Until someone hits you. Then your very affordable policy may leave you open to very expensive out-of-pocket costs or worse, exposure to liability.

That’s why Sipowski Independent Insurance is committed to providing you with optimum auto insurance protection, no matter where the road takes you…

  • Your policy is customized to your unique needs
  • One call gets you the best rate available, from a host of companies competing for your business
  • Our policies are backed by a portfolio of A+ rated financial underwriters
  • Our agents have 35 years of combined experience—on call for you

Industry sources estimate that undisclosed drivers in a household are responsible for soaring Auto Policy rates in South Florida. At Sipowski Insurance, we’ve arrested this problem by adding an arsenal of tools that other agencies are unwilling to pay for. We want your quote to be as accurate as possible from the start so that you don’t pay more than you have to.

  • We are a certified data subscriber to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) database—the same system used by over 23,000 police agencies nationwide. What does this mean for you? More accurate and reliable quotes that you might not receive from other agencies.

You can rest assured knowing your family is protected by one of Florida’s most trusted independent agencies. Click below to get your auto insurance quote underway.

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