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You spent a lifetime growing your wealth. Now take a few minutes to protect it.

Most of us think it doesn’t matter where we buy home or auto insurance, as long as we get the best price. So we call 6 different brand names and speak with fast-talking call center reps pushing the latest one-size-fits-all policy. We wind up buried in so many numbers and clauses our eyes glaze over.

Well, imagine making one call to a veteran agency, right here in Boca, and getting a highly competitive insurance quote, backed by A+ insurers and customized to your unique needs. All from a neighborhood company with legendary customer service and over 33 years of industry experience.

Because when disaster strikes and your life is in chaos, you don’t want to be on hold with 1357 other folks. You deserve…

  • Peace of mind, knowing your assets are protected by an industry veteran who survived Hurricane Andrew
  • An independent agent who can hunt down the best insurance protection for your unique needs
  • One stop shopping for your Home, Auto, Marine and RV insurance protection
  • Someone you can rely on to help you review and understand your insurance policy

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